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Providing you with excellence in IT education.

Next Trainings

Agile Basics & Scrum Foundations

26-27 January 2023, Tech Park Prishtina

AWS Cloud Practitioner

19-20 January 2023, Tech Park Prishtina

In times of fast & steady change,
what’s worth focusing on is profound education. It is the only constant to prepare yourself for the future.

We have learnt from experience that technical expertise without a methodological foundation and vice versa is not goal-oriented.

EX-CITE trains both the methodological foundation to apply the Agile Way as well as technical know-how in the AWS environment. We aim to create an excellent basis for your professional success.

We offer a high-quality, market-oriented education in IT and IT-related professions, supported by partner companies in and around Kosovo. Together, we strive to connect motivated people with innovative companies helping you prosper.

EX-CITE is a cooperation project of several partners and is aimed at students and young professionals of the partner universities. The educational offer for the target group therefore includes a discount compared to the usual price. Commercial trainings will also be offered shortly.

Our Trainings

Our trainings portfolio has a two-tier structure.

The AWS School serves as the provider for profound
know-how all-around the
AWS cloud infrastructure.

Agile School trainings teach agile methodolgies and frameworks to stay resilient in uncertain environments.

Training Overview

Agile Basics & Scrum Training

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Cloud Practitioner Training

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Agile Basics & Scrum:
tba soon

Cloud Practitioner:
tba soon

1904, 2022

German – Kosovo IT Education Program Ex-Cite

If you ask business leaders and HR people today, then one of the key issues the ICT sector is facing is education and skill development. We agree and advocate for education and training programs that help people to develop the skills in demand and companies to

203, 2021

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Hi, we're EX-CITE. We, that is a development partnership of companies from IT, Consulting, Education and International Development organizations. We have bundled our competencies to empower students and young professionals from Kosovo and its surrouding region by offering state-of-the-art knowledge in IT infrastructure and Agile

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