You have done it.

You have successfully participated in one of our trainings and would now like to have your valuable knowledge certified.
At EX-CITE we prepare You in each of our trainings for the participation in a certification at one of our certification partners.

SCRUM-Master certified

AWS Certified
Cloud Practitioner

We are very pleased to be licensed by PROVEN AGILE and work closely with our certification partner. Following a training course at our Agile School, you will have the opportunity to take an online exam and have your performance confirmed by a high-quality certificate from PROVEN AGILE.​ Your trainers will inform you about the certification process.

We recommend to read the course papers as well as The Scrum Guide again carefully before starting the certification. Further on-site experience won’t be required.

The AWS Cloud Training from our Cloud School prepares you for the AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner certification. This certifies you with the necessary knowledge and skills for a general understanding of how to use the AWS Cloud. The certification can only be taken directly at aws.training.

Please be aware that it is highly recommended to get your hands dirty before assigning to the certification. This means that further self-learning and practical experience with AWS after the training in order to successfully participate in a certification is required.